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"Before Weight No More, I had tried many ways to lose weight…none of which were successful. I was frustrated and my doctor kept telling me I needed to lose weight and but I kept telling her I know but nothing I am doing works! My weight just kept gradually going up. When I received a call asking if I wanted to lose 10 pounds I was thinking yes ten times ten but it probably won’t work either. To my surprise the first ten pounds dropped off in about a week and hope was renewed. Hope is a great motivator…hope for better health…hope for renewed energy…hope for clothes fitting again…hope for a greater self confidence. Weight No More gave me that hope. So far I have lost about 60 pounds and still have 40 more to go. The last visit to the doctor showed results in much improved numbers… good cholesterol up…bad cholesterol down…blood pressure stabilized! I feel much stronger and have energy to do more. There is no longer a need to shop in plus sizes for clothes! I enjoy walking…it is no longer a chore! I don’t know who referred me to Weight No More but they have truly blessed me!"

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Why Weight No More??

America is suffering from a persistent epidemic - despite fad diets, expensive exercise equipment and rarely used gym memberships, obesity continues to affect hundreds of millions. Obesity affects one's self esteem, sense of physical well being, long term health and even chances for career advancement.

Weight losses of approximately 10-15% significantly lower one's risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, orthopedic problems, certain obesity related cancers and a myriad of other mental and physical health issues. By offering top-of-the-line, appetizing products, honest communication and the latest medical information, WEIGHT NO MORE seeks to help clients lose weight, keep it off, and live healthier lives.


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Tired of Being Overweight?

It's frustrating. For years, when over the course of a lifetime, people often find themselves trapped in a seemingly hopeless and endless cycle of obesity. Even when they are able to take weight off, their success is only temporary. They put back on the pounds, many times more than they had originally lost.

Just a few Weight No More Success Stories!

It is for this reason, perhaps, that commercial weight loss is a 40 billion dollar industry. People are constantly going on diets. Unfortunately, they also are constantly failing. Medical studies have confirmed that 95% of people who diet regain their weight... and more ... within three to five years.

Am I On My Own?

Remember that the WEIGHT NO MORE program is designed for a lifetime of success. Whenever you need assistance, we will be there for you.

When you begin the program, office visits are on a weekly basis. After attaining goal weight, visits are less frequent based on need. Yes, being overweight is frustrating. But now it can be treated and controlled. Why not call for more information? What do you have to lose ... except weight?


An estimated 58 million Americans (over a third of the US adult population) are overweight or obese. Obesity, defined as an excess accumulation of body fat, is a serious health condition.

Medical Problem

In comparison with normal weight counterparts, medically overweight (20% or more above Ideal Body Weight) persons have a higher incidence of medical problems.

  • Being medically overweight is the number risk factor for diabetes mellitus
  • Being medically overweight increases the risk of hypertension
  • Being medically overweight increases the risk of certain cancers. Specifically, cancer of the colon, rectum and prostate for men, and gall bladder, biliary tract, breast, uterine and ovarian cancer for women
  • Being medically overweight in pregnancy results in twice the normal risk of giving birth to a child with neurological birth defects

The Solution

WEIGHT NO MORE offers the solution! Health experts agree that the best approach for successful weight loss and weight maintenance is the one that promotes permanent changes in diet, exercise habits, and mental attitudes and behaviors. The WEIGHT NO MORE concept is a comprehensive, yet simple, treatment program of which contains all the key components for effective weight management: Nutritious meal plans, including WEIGHT NO MORE Nutritional Food Products

  • Food For Thought: A Guide to Nutrition Education
  • Body Basics: A Guide to Exercise
  • Life Steps: A Guide to Behavior Education
  • Healthy Living: A Guide to Long-Term Weight Management

The objective of the WEIGHT NO MORE Educational Programs is to help clients learn and apply key behaviors associated with successful long-term weight maintenance ? healthy eating, daily activity and regular exercise, behavior modification, and effective relapse management and coping skills.

In the Food For Thought Nutrition Program, clients learn how to plan and consume meals that derive 25% of calories from protein, 55% of calories from carbohydrates and 20% of calories from fat. They learn how many servings per day are recommended from each food group and what quantity constitutes a serving size. The Food For Thought program provides clients with concrete, step by step guidelines to gradually change their eating practices and behaviors.

While exercise can help clients lose weight, research studies consistently demonstrate that it is critical for successful weight maintenance. Our goal in developing the Body Basics program (exercise) is to introduce clients to easy and practical exercise activities and routines that they feel comfortable doing and can use to develop an exercise plan for life. The Body Basics program emphasizes a gradual increase in exercise activity. The ultimate goal is to have them exercise for 40 minutes, 3 times per week. Since many clients will not be able to do this at the beginning of this program, Body Basics offers guidelines on how to gradually work up to this goal. To prevent boredom and provide variety, clients learn a number of convenient and easy to do exercises of which can be done in the comfort of their home, alone or with a friend.

In the Life Step program (Behavior Modification), clients are taught how to break the inappropriate links between eating and events other than physiologic hunger. Since behavior change is the cornerstone to successful weight loss, Life Steps teaches clients what conditions trigger unhealthy behaviors (i.e. eating high fat foods, not exercising), how to institute new healthy behaviors and how to use ?re-enforcers? (rewards) to help assure healthy behaviors persist. For many clients, a variety of events other than physical hunger can prompt them to eat. Clients also learn about the process of relapse and common ?high risk? situations (which precipitate relapses). Strategies for effectively coping with a variety of high risk situations are also provided.

The goal of Healthy Living (Maintenance Program) is to provide clients with an opportunity to confirm their commitment to their new healthy lifestyle and provide them with lessons and activities to expand their inventory of weight management skills. It is an ongoing and lifelong process. They learn creative ways to alter favorite recipes so they are more healthy and also learn how to incorporate ?forbidden foods? and alcohol into their meal plans. Using the Food Guide Pyramid, clients learn how to plan menus for a lifetime.