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The objective of the Weight No More Educational Program is to help clients learn and apply key behaviors associated with successful long-term weight maintenance.  Healthy eating, daily activity and resular exercies, behavior modification and effective relapse management and coping skills are the focus of the educational programs.

Food For Thought
A Guide to Nutritional Education

In the Food For Thought Nurtition Program, clients learn how to plan and consume meals that derive 25% of calories from protein, 55% of calories from carbohydrates and 20% of calories from fat.  They will learn how many servings per day are recommended from each food group and what quantity consitutes a daily serving size.  The Food for Thought program provides clients with a concrete, step-by-step guideline to gradually changing their eating practices and behaviors.

Body Basics

Regular Exercise Program

While exercise can help clients lose weight, research studies consistently demonstrate that it is critical for successful weight maintenance.  Our Body Basics program introduces clients to easy and practical exercise activities and routines that they feel comfortable doing and can use to develop an exercise plan for life.  The Body Basics program emphasizes a gradual increase in daily activity.  The ultimate goal is 40 minutes of exercise 3 days a week.  Body Basics offers guidelines on how to gradually work up to this goal. 
Life Step Program
​Behavior Modification

In the Life Step Program, clients are taught how to break the inappropriate links between eating and events other than physiological hunger.  Since behavior change is the cornerstone to successful weight loss, Life Steps teaches clients what conditions trigger unhealthy behaviors, how to institue new healthy behaviors and how to use rewards to help assure healthy behaviors persist.  

Healthy Living
Maintenance Program

The goal of Healthy Living is to provide clients with an opportunity to confirm their commitment to theri new healthy lifestyle and provide them with lessons and activities to expand their inventory of weight management skills.  It is an ongoing and lifelong process.  Clients learn creative ways to alter favorite recipes so they are more healthy and also learn how to incorporate forbidden foods and alcohol into their meal plans.  Using the Food Guide Pyramid, clients learn how to plan menus for a lifetime.

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