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In comparison with normal weight counterparts, medically overweight (20% or more above Ideal Body Weight) persons have a higher incidence of medical problems.  Weight No More offers a solution for a healthier lifestyle. Health experts agree that the best approach for successful weight loss and weight maintenance is the one that promotes permanent changes in diet, exercise habits, and mental attidtudes and behaviors.  The Weight No More concept is a comprehensive -- yet simple -- treatment program containing all the key components for effective weight management:  nutritious meal plans, all-natural supplements, and our Weight No More educational program.


The objective of the Weight No More educational program is to help clients learn and apply key behaviors associated with successful long-term weight maintenance:  eating healthy, daily activity and regular exercise, behavior modification, and effective relaps management and coping skills.

Weight No More Ohio Founder Loriann Maculaitis with husband Vinny Maculaitis.


The Weight No More program is the best in the industry.  It is designed for maximum client success.  It is a comprehensive drug free weight management system that is both safe and effective.  We have a formula for success and our programs are provided in a supportive, caring and fun atmosphere.  The Weight No More program included the following:

  • Lifestyle Modification Program

  • Life Exercise and Figure Reshaping Program

  • Stress Management Strategies

  • Long-term Maintenance Strategies

  • All-Natural Vitamins

  • Individualized Counseling and Personalized Attention


The Weight No More program is state-of-the-art and comprehensive.  Our differences translate to your success.


  • Specifically designed for weight loss and long-term weight management.

  • A personalized, supervised program by a professional support staff trained in weight management.

  • Our staff members are specialists, and we are trained to tailor a program to meet your unique needs.

  • Our programs are provided in a well-structured, fun, educational and supportive atmosphere.

  • Use of nutritional products for safe and healthy weight loss, including FitLine supplements.

  • Our program keeps your fat-burning metabolic rate high increasing the amount of your weight loss.

  • The Weight No More program includes healthy snacks that reduce your sweet cravings.


We customize each individualized program to understand and meet our client's needs.  The amount of the program depends on the type of program and amount of weight loss desired.  At your initial weight loss consultation, the cost and payment options will be discussed.  In many cases, our clients have found that our program costs less than what they were spending on food, medical care and other expenses directly related to their weight condition.  We assure you that the Weight No More program is very price competitive and the quality of service and support is unequalled in our industry.  Our approach invoves the total person -- from nutritional, lifestyle and exercise standpoints.  We apply the most up-to-date research and thinking in our programs.  Our program is cutting edge and time tested for safety and maximum success in weightloss and lifestyle change.  At Weight No More your success and happiness is important to us. 

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