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How Do I Begin the Weight No More Program?


Starting your personalized Weight No More program is easy.  Come in for a free consultation to allow us to determine the proper program to meet your specific needs.  Upon arrival, you will complete a basic screening that reviews your weight history, history of dieting, lifestyle history, and past weight management experiences.  We then put you on an individualized, reduced calorie plan that's right for you.  You will attend weekly center visits for follow-up and individual counseling.


How long is the Weight No More Program?


The program works this way:  the length of your participation in the program depends on how much weight you need to lose.  When you come in for your free consultation, we can decide what program is right for you for the best results.  After that, our mainetnance program will help you maintain your healthy weight loss.


What is the success rate of the Weight No More Program?


In our experience, the clients who are the most successful are the ones that stay involved in the program throughout the maintenance phase and have made a long-term personal commitment to lifestyle changes in eating and exercise habits.  For more on our success, look at our Results Page and see what others have said!


Why do I have to take nutritional products?


Besides tasting good, the Weight No More nutritional products assure optimal nutrition, health and increased success during weight loss.  The products preserve your lean body tissue and help control your hunger and produce a greater feeling of fullness.


Are appetite suppressant drugs available on the Weight No More program?


As with many other medical conditions, prescription medications cannot serve as a substitue for a healthy lifestyle. Almost 80% of people who use diet drugs alone fail.  Experts in weight management agree that a comprehensive program is needed for successful short-term and long-term weight loss.  Weight No More specializes in providing personalized safe and effective weight management in a drug-free atmosphere.  Our program includes reduced calorie meal plans, nutrition education, physical activity and lifestyle change information.


Have additional questions about Weight No More?


Drop us a line with any questions you may have here.  We will respond with any additional information you need.

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