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"I lost 30 plus pounds and 30 inches with the help of Loriann Mac and her two wonderful ladies at Weight No More.  Summer is getting closer everyday!  You won't be sorry you did."


Deb Engle Lee

"The trick is to keep busy, focus on doing for others instead of thinking about feeding ourselves all the time.  It's just adopting a new mindset.  Keep up the great work!"


Ellyn Joiner

"We each lost 5 lbs since our last weigh-in!  Great job Loriann Mac!"


Juli Welling

"Who would have thought that Weight No More Ohio, located in Canton Ohio would be that "Final key" in my course of Destiny.  August 2, 2013 was that day, when I turned the key into what would be Opening of the life that was meant for me.  Now, 100 lbs plus gone from this mortal body of mine to be set free for my destiny which lies ahead of me.  What a Joy, I must say to find someone, a place with a staff of caring, knowledgeable and the wisdom on the human body. To know that God made each of us so differently so throw out the cookie cutters, the sewing patterns; I must say at Weight No More Ohio you will find the freedom and your destiny. You will find - Destiny: Devoted, Educated, Sensitive, Tough, Incredible and Yielding to who were are as Individuals- Weight No More Ohio you have changed my life FOREVER."


Branda Jilian

"Weight No More Ohio - you can believe in yourself once agaiin!  110 lbs gone.  You are amazing!  Believe in yourself!!  Loriann Mac, owner/founder will be there along with the wonderful, knowledgeable staff, Bethany Wilson and Vicky Eickenberg."


Brenda Julian

"50 pounds gone with Weight No More!  Feeling great!"


Tracy Vitalrii Schillig

"Just need to toot my own horn for a moment.  Since January 1st I am down 26 lbs with much help over the last month from Bethany Wilson and Loriann Mac from Weight No More.  I would definately recommend them to anyone!"


Brendon Yarian

"Guess who lost 7 more pounds since Monday!!  Feeling determined!"


Melissa Sue May

"So happy I found Loriann and was introduced to  I've lost 38lbs slowly and feel great!!  So much healthier.  Take a leap of faith!"


Nikki Ann

"2 1/2 years ago, I walked in the doors of Weight No More, I desperately needed to lose weight, and was failing miserably on my own.  I joined the program, and I’ve never looked back.  I struggled with emotional, binge eating, and often used food as “therapy”.  One time after a binge, sitting at my weigh in with Loriann, I remember telling her about it, and why….What she said next, forever stuck with me..  she first asked me, “Well, how did that make you feel?”  (lousy”) , then, “did it solve the problem?” (no), and “ so, what’s the point?” , and went on to tell me how to avoid such binges (suggestions, workout, get out of the house, go for a walk, get a friend,).  I never forgot that, and went on to lose the rest of my weight.  My highest weight was 193lbs and I’m 5 ft. 2 in.  I now hover between 117 -121, for a total loss of over 70 lbs .  Having those women, always available when I need them, is pricess!  Weight no more not only changed my life, they SAVED my life, by teaching me, simply, I need food (the right food), to live, but I don’t live for food anymore.  I seriously  could not have done it without them"


Debbie Adams


The results of the Weight No More program speak for themselves.  For more information or to schedule your personal consultation, call us at 330.526.6776.  What do you have to lose -- except the weight!

Weight No More Ohio
Weight No More Ohio
Weight No More Ohio
Weight No More Ohio
Weight No More Ohio
Weight No More Ohio
Weight No More Ohio
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