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To help you understand the many factors involved in weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we have assembled a collection of weight management tips and articles.  By reading and understanding the material presented, we believe you will find the information very helpful in your journey of progress.


The Facts About Weight Loss Products and Programs

An overview from the US Food and Drug Administration - DHHS Publication No (FDA) 92-1189


Obesity Fact Sheet

Healthy weight, Helathy Lifestyles Primary Fact Sheet for the Institute on the Costs and Health Effects of Obesity.


Obesity in Corporate America

This document shows the large employer concerns and strategies of response to obesity in corporate America.


Calories Expended During Exercise

This chart shows the minutes of activity required to burn off a given number of calories.


Caloric Content of Beverages

We often don't think about the hidden calories in our favorite beverages - from a can of soda to a cup of milk or a glass of wine, but all of these carry a caloric cost.


Calculate Your BMI

Obesity is most commonly calculated using Body Mass Index (BMI).


Metropolitan Height & Weight Charts

The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company revised tehir height & weight charts in 1983.  This graph charts ideal weights at age 25-59 based on lowest mortality.


Fast Food Nutrition Guide

We all eat it, but do you really know what it is that you are eating?  Take a look to see just what some of your fast food favorites consist of.

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